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The exhibition room has natural leather which is carefully chosen by our tanners.

We sell more than 300 leathers at half of the market price.


You can purchase any amount of the leather that you want.

Because Tatsuno is one of the best leather making city in Japan, we have a wide variety of leather.
Our exhibition hall is the only place that you can purchase any leather from ONE PIECE.

Our leather sommelier will propose the best leather.


Professional leather-dresser will give you some advice.
Such as the leather thickness and softness, we propose the best leather to leather craft you want to create. of course, even if there is no leather of stock that you want to at our exhibition hall, make sure we will prepare the leather of your choice.




saddle leather


oiled leather


Deer leather


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Enamelled leather


suede leather

How to make the best Japanese Leather



Raw hide and skin

Buffalo, deer, elk or cattle skin is soaked in salted water or dry processing prior to export to prevent the skin goes rotten. These days, mainly we use domestic rawhides and skins.



Soaking/Slicing its back

Remove the flesh and blood from the skin and dehydrated the rawhide. It is important process to perform the chemical treatment afterwards. Cattle, Horsehide is divided in half along the spine to make it easier to work.




In this step, the hide is passed through a machine that is built to remove any subcutaneous material from the flesh side of the hide. In some case it is done after the liming.




This can be done chemically with a solution of calcium oxide (also known as slaked lime, whitewash, or calcium hydroxide) bath. You can also use the same tools for dehairing that were used for fleshing. It is a process that helps to give the leather flexibility.




The reliming process is done to make the hide expand even more by removing proteins from it. It is important process for soft leather and suede leather.




The pH of the collagen is brought down to a lower level so the enzymes may act on it, in a process known as deliming. Depending on the end use of the leather, hides may be treated with enzymes to soften them, a process called bating.




Once bating is complete, the hides and skins are treated first with salt and then with sulfuric acid, in case a mineral tanning is to be done. This is done to bring down the pH of collagen to a very low level so as to facilitate the penetration of mineral tanning agent into the substance.




By penetrating tanning agent into the leather, it will be bond with the collagen fibers which gives the heat resistance and durability. Tanning is the process of treating skins and hides of animals to produce leather.



Grade seletion

We sort the skin in various grades depending on the condition of surface (Grain) of the skin. Because each skin has different conditions, it has to done by experienced tanners to select the finest leather.




Shaving is done to give the leather piece a uniform thickness throughout.




In order to make the most suitable leather for various usage (shoes and clothing, leather bags, etc.) , we use synthetic tanning agent and natural vegetable tanning agent to give the leather a specific characteristic.




This process is coloring of the grain depending on the usage and order. There are a lot of finishing ways such as unfinished leather, aniline finish, pigment finis, antique finish and enamel finish. This finishing process is shown the features of each tanners like tanning process and dyeing process.


What are the characteristics of the leather made in Tatsuno?

Tatsuno-city is the best known city of leathers. We Tatsuno-city and Himeji-city boasts about 70% share of the leather being produced in the country. Our greatest strength is we have all the variety of leather such as shoes, leather bags, furniture and industrial use. So you will definitely find the one you are looking for. Not only the numbers, of course we produce the best quality of the leather as well.

Is it possible if I tell you the one that I want, can you find it before I visit there?

Of course it is possible. However, please note that certain types of leather can not be prepared immediately. Also we can propose the best optimal leather if you can tell us the usage. Please let us know the type of leather, colour and usage that you are looking for.

Will you suggest the best leather for the leathercraft that I want to make?

Yes we do. Our professional leather dressers are happy to talk to you directly . The exhibition hall is operated by Banshu leather industry cooperative and is the only direct leather market in Japan. You can ask any questions that you can not ask anywhere else so please visit us at any time.

If I tell the detail of the leather on the phone, is it possible to purchase the leather online?

Yes it is possible but not all the time. If you wish to purchase the leather online, we will accept either cash on delivery or bank transfer. You can check the leather by e-mail but we recommend you to visit and see the item.

Do you have the materials other than cowhide?

Yes, we do. We have variety of leathers such us cattle, horses, sheep, and goat leather. Also we have embossed leather as well so please tell us the image of your leather.

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